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Ada guided my wife and I through Krakow to the most interesting places while we were there only one short day. She was excellent and her English was superb. Ada is very knowledgeable of Krakow. She is freindly and enjoyable to be with. She made our visit a delight and a super experience especially on the knowledge of the past Pope John Paul II. Ada was always funny and exceptional in her history of Krakow and churches within. She was delightful to be with and to listen to her about the history and stories of buildings, universities and past activities of Krakow. She is the BEST!

Don, USA, 28.10.2017

Ada is a very friendly guide who really knows her town and is totally fluent in English. We spent a lovely afternoon walking round Krakow visiting all the major sites learning all about the history and people.. it really made Krakow come to life… definitely recommend Ada as a personal guide… she is fun and chatty

Chris, Marrakesh, 28.09.2017

Ada is a delightful young woman and she helped to make our visit to Krakow a wonderful experience! She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and funny. Her English is exceptional and she knows all of the history, geography and background stories that make the city come alive. She is without a doubt one of the best tour guides I have ever had!

Cheryl, USA, 17.09.2017

Fantastic guide! Very knowledgeable in all areas. Very responsive to the wishes we had and we had a great day in Krakow. We saw and experienced a lot more than expected. Can highly recommend Ada! Thanks!

Karin, Sweden, 12.09.2017

We found Ada – dedicated, energetic, multilingual professional with most pleasant & friendly manners, yet capable of handling burecrautic issues on behalf of her clients!
She possesses immense knowledge in history, arts, social issues, etc., & was happy to engage in discussions, which shortened our longer trips. She advised & worked harmoniously with our driver on all the logistics, in order to ensure our very demanding itinerary was realized in the most enjoyable & efficient manner. (Our focus was on history, genealogy, as well as great dining & fun.)
She graciously accepted all our dining invitations & even accompanied us & helped out with a purchase of a cell phone, a gift for our Krakow- residing-friend.
Pleasing & charming a group of 4 adults & 3 teenagers, is not an easy undertaking; yet, she accomplished that — our Family Trip became our most treasured experience!!!
With immense affections & gratitude

Iglar Family, USA, July 2017

I had a short but great visit to Krakow Early May 2016. One of the main reasons for it was having Ada as my Krakow tour guide.
It was my very first time in this city and an extremely important personal event for me as my father was born and raised in Krakow pre WWII and survived Auschwitz-Birkenau.
I booked a Krakow walking tour with Ada where we spent the first half of the day covering old town area and the second half in Kazimierz, the old Jewish section, and the Jewish Ghetto area.
Ada was a wonderful guide. She possesses a great wealth of knowledge on Poland and Krakow’s history as well as detailed and specific information on the history of the city’s Jewish community.
In addition, Ada’s communication skills in English are excellent, she knows her city very well, has a great talent to summarize great amount of information in an interesting and simple manner, and has a great personality that makes it very enjoyable to be around with. She was also very helpful in recommending me restaurants and places to visit on my own.
Ada is definitely one of the best tour guides I have used around the globe. I highly recommend you book a tour with her. I’m sure it will be one of the highlight of your trip. I know I will do it again in future trips to Poland.

Kiryati, California, 11.05.2016

The tour was amazing. Ada, the guide was absolutely great. Our choir had excellent time in Cracow, we saw amazing places in old town and everything was so well organized. The guide was happy and joyful all the time and she held our mood up. Thank you so much! 🙂

Katariina Reissaar, Estonia

Super, bardzo dziękujemy za wycieczkę!

Aniela, Polska

Ada was a great choice from the Cracow Guided website for our group of 6. She handled our transfer by minibus from Prague to Cracow, also. Our driver, Pawel, was full of information, fluent in English and all-around good guy! Ada organized our salt mine tour, lunch at a great little restaurant and our half day walking city tour of Cracow. She was very flexible as to what we wanted to see, outgoing, fluent in English. I would highly recommend contacting Ada to organize your tours in and around her city of Cracow!

Sadie, Wirginia,16.09.2015

We had a tour of Cracow with Ada riding Segway. This was my first time on Segway and proved to be a wonderful experience. Ada is a wonderful and very knowledgeable guide. She took us everywhere we could possibly wish to go. She was great company throughout and I highly recommend a tour with Ada. If you haven’t been on Segway before give it a try it’s the best possible way to enjoy Cracow.

Martin, John, Melvyn, and Alex,  England (Hull)

Ada gave us an individualized tour of Krakow in July of 2013, and we absolutely loved it! I was in Poland for only two days and had very limited time to see the city. In four hours, Ada introduced us to the amazingly rich history of Krakow starting from ancient times leading to now days. Ada was very flexible with her tour, which allowed us to get some very neat souvenirs at the main market. She helped us to communicate with local vendors at the market who did not speak English. At the end of the tour, Ada made recommendations for local restaurants that served traditional Polish food. Without the help of a guide, we would’ve of roamed around the city without any background knowledge and would’ve never got so many interesting facts about Krakow. I loved Ada’s story about the knife that is hanging at the entrance to the main market. Apparently, it served as a reminder to potential thieves that they could loose an ear or a hand if got caught stealing. The time was well spent and I am grateful to Ada for being “a walking encyclopedia” and answering questions not only pertaining to the history of Krakow, but also questions pertaining to modern day life in Poland as well. If I ever get a chance to visit Krakow again, I would definitely use Ada’s services to learn more about the city. Her English was impeccable; she met us at the hotel at the arranged time, and personalized the tour per our requests that allowed me to take many pictures of the city. I loved our stay in Krakow!

Dmitri, Alaska (USA)

Ada was amazing! She gave us an incredible private tour with a lot of details and so much history- she could answer everything— Her English is perfect and she is so energetic- Highly recommended.


Ada, nuestra visita a Cracovia fue muy agradable. Gracias por tu atención y hospitalidad. Un cordial saludo de todo el grupo.

Julio, España

Dziękujemy za letnią, całodzienną wycieczkę. Natalia wielokrotnie wykorzystała w szkole przekazane przez Panią informacje nt. historii i zabytków Krakowa. Rewelacja. Panią Adę – polecamy.

Agnieszka, Natalia, Piotr, Starogard Gd

Ada took me on a 3 hour walking tour of Krakow. I have never learned more about any city I have visited and I have traveled all over the world. She was absolutely phenomenal, professional and her knowledge base was extremely impressive!! Ada was also personable, we stopped for coffee, went to the Christmas market, etc…she even showed me a couple coffee shops and restaurants not to be missed…as soon as the tour was over, I went straight for the places she showed me and felt right at home.

TS, Indianapolis, USA

Pani Ado,było SUPER,poleciłam znajomym.

Julia, Polska

We had a fantastic tour led by Ada walking out from the centre, through the old jewish area, to the small space of the ghetto with grisly history, and onto schindlers factory. three hours with a short stop for coffee and to view a film set passed very quickly and informatively. highly recommended

Susan, London

Out of ALL the private tours I had, throughout my trip on Poland, this one was by far the best (not to take anything away from the other tour guides or places I had visited).
Simply stated!
If you need a guide who:
– is polite and trustworthy.
– speaks english very well.
-can make a vast amount of information / history easy to comprehend and understand.
-is enjoyable to be around.
-offers an extremely fair price for a private tour.
Then I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ada for your private guide through the city of Cracow (Krakow). I can’t wait to visit again and have Ada for another tour. Whether you’re traveling as a family, couple, or just traveling solo this tour is suitable for anybody.

Jake, Anchorage, Alaska,18.02.2014

Ada Rybak is simply excellent. She is so very knowledgeable and knows answers for everything. Her English is very good. She is an energetic guide and has lot of patience. We had a very good private tour of Krakow and enjoyed it very much. Special thanks to Ada for recommending a place to eat veg Polish food!

Jayanthi, India