Tour of the Jewish Quarter Kazimierz and the former Ghetto Area

The history of Cracow and its Jews whispers to us from every corner of Kazimierz. The Jewish District made its way to the big screen thanks to Steven Spielberg who shot his Oscar-award-winning “Schindler’s List” there. During our tour we are going to trace the footsteps of the pre-war inhabitants of Kazimierz, get to know their stories, as well as visit some of the spots you might recognize from the famous film. You will have a chance to see some of the Cracow synagogues, former jewish prayer houses, cemeteries and ritual baths The historical route of Cracow Jews leads to Podgorze Disctrict, location surrounded by buildings that witnessed the Holocaust. We will see the building of the former Schindler’s Factory and the remnants of the Ghetto Wall from the Second World War period. The tour takes approximately 3 hours. If you would also like to visit with me The Schindler’s Factory that was made into a museum on the history of Oscar Schindler and the city of Cracow under the German occupation you should reserve one more hour.

What is there to see:

  • Remuh Synagogue and the Old Jewish Cemetery
  • Wolnica Square (old meat market)
  • Progressive Synagogue (Tempel)
  • New Square with former Ritual Slaughterhouse for poultry
  • Sites known from Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List”
  • Building that used to be a Ritual Bath
  • Former main Ghetto Square
  • Eagle Farmacy
  • Remnants of the ghetto wall
  • Schindler’s Factory